Monday, April 14, 2008


For just the 3rd time in 11 seasons in a "randallball" run world, we had a violation of the player salary cap this season. The offending owner, veteran davesanchez of the Pittsburgh Penguins agreed to the "punishment" and forwarded a GC equal to one HBD season ($25.00) to the league to be "held in escrow" should he decide to not remain in the league until the contract expires. The most puzzling thing about the contract is that the big bucks were forked over for a relief pitcher - a damn fine relief pitcher, but a relief pitcher nonetheless. It makes sense when you realize that davesanchez is in a lot of pain (and likely on a lot of medication) as he preps for his impending back surgery.

This is your brain on drugs.

The player involved is two time All-Star Bubbles Rapp: . The poppable one will be 36 at the end of the contract. Let's hope for Pittsburgh's sake that he doesn't fall victim to the "cap violator curse" that has bitten before.

Because of this event, it has become apparent that the brief salary cap description (available in the league forum, here) does not contain a complete enough discription of just what exactly the cap entails. As such, I have taken the time to draw it in more clear detail just what constitutes a violation in CAPB.

In seasons 1 and 2 of CAPB (and NABCL, for that matter) the player salary cap was $12m per season. In season 3 of both worlds, that limit jumped to $13.5m. What this means is that any contract given during season 3 cannot have any season of that contract exceed the current cap. Since the current cap is $13.5m, the max legal contract that should have been offered to Rapp (or any other FA) is 5 years/$67.5m - and that $67.5m needs to be maxed at $13.5m on each of the 5 seasons, not averaged out to $13.5. Any bonus that exceeds that amount would also be a violation.

In season 4, the cap remains in place at $13.5m per season. In season 5, the amount jumps once again to $15.0m. So a contract offered to a season 4 FA cannot exceed $13.5m in value (including bonus) in any season of the contract (even those seasons in which the cap is greater than $13.5m). A contract offered to a season 5 FA cannot exceed $15.0m in value (including bonus) in any season of the contract, so the max contract would be $75.0m (5 seasons of $15.0m each, no signing bonus).

If the market dictates that we raise the cap in future seasons (i.e., if FA demands exceed the cap) we will examine the player cap at that point. It should be pointed out, though, that we are currently in season 8 of NABCL and this has not happened.

Any further questions about the player salary cap should be directed to yours truly, via sitemail or trade chat.

Good luck on the upcoming season to everyone....GO RIVER DOGS!


randallball (The Commish) said...

Working more on this guys - now that the guidelines are clearer than ever, I think the penalty is going to get a lot stiffer. Stay tuned and expect an announcement (here, in the league chat, the league forum, and via trade chat and sitemail). The idea will require some policing, but I do think it adds more of a penalty so that people can't just intentionally ignore the cap.

DaveSanchez said...

ha ha ha.....that is a good one. I am on Vicodin, Percocet and Gabapentin and have pretty much not been able to think straight for about a month now. Hopefully it will all be over next week!!