Friday, May 29, 2009

Return of an OG

Chicago - The Gangsters have made a small move to help fortify a struggling offense with the recent agreement to trade for Mikey Sobkowiak . In return for Sobkowiak, the Gangsters are sending Denny Nomo to Dover. Sobkowiak was an Original Gangster who was traded away to make room for current 1B Randy Clemens. With the Chicago offense struggling to score runs for a very good starting rotation (bullpen is a different story), GM Donald Key thought he'd role the dice and hope that Mikey likes being back in Chicago. With Clemens being able to shift some to LF Sobkowiak, if he hits, will get plenty of AB's and being a lefthanded hitter will help balance the lineup. Ironically, this means the end for Pablo Alonso who came over in the Sobkowiak trade.
With the acquisition of Sobkowiak, the temptation to call up top hitting prospect Dick Stewart will be tempered. GM Key said before the season that they'd like to avoid calling him up until rosters expand so that he gets a full season of AAA under his belt, and this trade should provide some breathing room.

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