Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ranking the NL at 121 Games

We decided to rank them in reverse order this week.

#16 -
Salem Squirrel Monkeys (NL)
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- Record 30-91 - We all know why they are in last (abandoned owner), but make no mistake this team is greatly improved since kidsid took over. There is still lots of talent there and they could impact some races this year before competing next year. Will they improve their ranking before the end of the year? I envision it happening.

Jacksonville Junk Yard Dogs (NL)
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- Record 55-66 - While they have improved since last year, not enough to get them out of the cellar. Will a 4th straight 4th place finish give them hope of the playoffs next year? Sure as long as you subscribe to the "Due" theory.

- Record 55-66 - This franchise continuously lacks offensive firepower, and a move out of St Louis is rumored. Playing in a new home won't help that woeful road record however.

- Record 56-65 - After making the playoffs (via wildcard) last year they opened up and spent on some free agents. Initial reviews looked good, but they came back to earth. They have been focusing on the future in recent deals, and rumors persist that a new owner will be taking over next season.

- Record 59-62 - Playing in the NL's weakest division (NL South) the good news is that they are 1 of 5 teams currently over 600 runs scored. The bad news is that they've given up more runs (615) then anyone not located in Salem.

New Britain
New Britain Fighting Beer Drinkers (NL)
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- Record 57-64 - The offense is lead by young C Jaime Allen. Unfortunately you can't blame the pitching staff's woes on him. The propensity to give up the long ball (172 HRs allowed and counting) is definitely a problem.

Sacramento Terrible Two's (NL)
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- Record 62-59 - Yes they play in a division with Honolulu and Fresno, but they have given up 596 runs, 3rd worst in the NL. Thats not a typical Sacramento team. They have been trying to rectify that problem as they are actively shopping for pitching.

- Record 58-63 - The team has played better lately, as they have moved out of the cellar in the NL North. They won't make the playoffs this year but they are improving.

- Record 58-63 - We knew the Hooch wouldn't be down long. They didn't rebuild as much as they reloaded. While an eye is definitely on next season for management, the boys still have an outside shot at the Wild Card.

New Orleans
New Orleans Hot Fives (NL)
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- Record 63-58 - Led by MVP candidate Gerald Pan this team Hot Five is taking full advantage of a weak division and should easily win the division.

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Ampersands (NL)
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- Record 64-57 - This high octane offense is lead by MVP favorite Placido Benitez , who is threatening to challenge the RBI record (187) with 154 RBI's currently. They are 8 games back of Buffalo, but currently only 1 game out of the Wild Card.

- Record 70-51 - They gambled when they traded away their leadoff hitter Harold Murphy to St Louis in exchange for Jose Costilla. The thinking in this trade was that it would allow them to have 4 starters that can go deep into games, thus reducing the need for middle relief, which is their BIGGEST problem this year. The closer Junior Chen acquired earlier this year has blown 7 saves and looked awful for a stretch but is pitching better of late. If the offense slumps, and there are signs of it happening, then they could free fall right on out of the playoffs. Former #1 overall pick
Aaron Jenkins
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Born: Herman, PA
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has been called up to give the team another lefty bat and to give some breathers to the OF.

Toledo Holy Fargin' Schnicks (NL)
jose can u c
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- Record 65-56 - The early season injuries have certainly jeopardized their playoff aspirations. They currently only hold a 1 game lead in the Wild Card and are 4 games back of Chicago in the NL North. A dangerous pitching staff and balance lineup that no one wants to face down the stretch will ineveitably push them thru to the playoffs.

- Record 72-49 - After jumping out to an amazing start, they've been passed for the best record in the NL by 2 different teams. They've lost Quilvio Nunez for 30 days but will have him back in time for the start of the playoffs. They hold a comfortable 8 game lead, but can't afford to rest on that too much. They once had a stranglehold on a playoff berth, their grip is loosened but still firmly in grip.

Fresno Mutant Grizzlies (NL)
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- Record 80-41 - They are already 5 games better then last seasons team and show no signs of slowing down. The NL's best pitching staff has given up only 411 runs so far this season. The next best (Honolulu) has given up 489. The staff has to be good because the offense has only scored 523 runs, which is 3rd worst behind Salem's 500 and St Louis' 489.

Honolulu Witch Doctors (NL)
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- Record 81-40 - They have given up the 2nd fewest runs (489) and scored the most runs (738 - next closest is 628) for a +249 in runs. The scary thing is that their expected win percentage says they aren't playing as well as capable.

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