Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27 This week in CAPB, Shoeless Joe tomorrow.

A one hour episode for the CAPB league. Standings, Top 3 League Leaders - Players and Teams all major categories. The episode went ok but Im a little rusty on doing leagues off the cuff rather than off RSS feeds. It'll get better and more entertaining as I get used to it again.

I've decided to have a 16 listen cut-off on each league. Im going to run TWIHBD as scheduled with CAPB, Shoeless Joe, Rickey, Cobb, & Doubleday M-F. If the league does not reach the 16 podcast listens by the following week I will cut your league from this format.

I will go through every league in HBD one by one in this manner, starting alphabetically. - mostly likely with Aaron unless there is one alphabetically ahead of it until I go through every league. Make the 16 podcast listen minimum and your league is permanent in the format. If I have to do 2 hour episodes - 2 leagues a day to make room, I will. If it gets to the point where I have to squeeze in more Ill do every other week.

There is a contest in October. Please listen for details or look in the blog archives. In short you will have to listen for a secret letter a day during the 5-6pm episode. Collect the letters and unscramble them to spell a player name. Be the first to call in with the correct name and win a free season courtesy of me. The episode to call in for the prize will be first Sunday in November 5-7pm. PLENTY OF WARNING. I may give hints. Secret letters will only be said M-F. You can load up my podcasts 24/7/365. If its worth it to you then you will. If not I keep my money. No sweat.

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