Monday, September 27, 2010

Ranking the NL at 74 Games

1. Buffalo Soldiers - Current record 50-24 -Last week #1 (No Change) - The defending champs are certainly the class of the NL. Scored the most runs and given up the fewest in the NL. One cause for concern is that they've thrown the most innings in the NL so far, the pitching staff could get overworked if that pace continutes. The only thing that could derail their cruise to the playoffs is a rash of ....we'd rather not specify here in fear of a jinx.

2. Honolulu Witch Doctors -
Current Record 47-27 - Last week #3 (+1) - Well balanced lineup has this team once again on top in the division. Of their 8 regulars, all have an OPS between .721 and .869. Russ Bryant currently has a .792 OPS so expect that to go up and help an already strong offense.

3. Fresno Mutant Grizzlies -
Current Record 48-26 - Last week #2 (-1) - They fell 1 spot in the rankings. They have given up more runs then they have scored but just a small margin, so are they playing over their heads? They may need to consider adding a bat to their anemic offense, as only 2 teams in the NL have scored less. Their bullpen however is STRONG led by Glen Hill and his perfect 20 saves.

4. Toledo Holy Fargin Schnicks -
Current record 44-30 - Last week #4 (+0) - After returning from the 15 day DL, Cody Percival, missed some more time with a sore elbow. So despite getting only 8 starts so far from the Cy Young winner Toledo has been going back and forth with Chicago for 1st place in the East. Percival has shown flashes of returning to normal, and will be counted on in the 2nd half.

5. Chicago Gangsters - Current Record 45-29 - Last week #9 (+4) - The trade for Junior Chen has not quite worked out as well as hoped, but it is still early. Dick Stewart recently won Player of the Week honors and is pacing the offense along with Julio Marin and Felipe Mota. Mota hasn't quite played up to his standards but is still providing power. James Pong has pitched better of late and more like the #1 that they require of him and is leading the league in wins with a 10-2 record. The Gangsters may have a tough time making the playoffs in a tough division, if their offense slumps they'll be in trouble. The bullpen holds the key.

6. Jackson Pollocks -
Current Record 39-35 - Last Week #5 (-1) - They've given up 325 runs so far, good for 6th in the NL, but their bullpen is a concern as their record is 9-10 in 1-run games (5-5 in extra innings). With all 4 teams within 5 games of each other in the NL South the playoffs will not come easy.

7. New Britain Fighting Beer Drinkers -
Current Record 38-36 - Last Week #5 (-1) -

8. Sacramento Terrible Two's -
Current Record 36-38 - Last Week #6 (-2) -

9. Salt Lake City Ampersands -
Current Record 36-38 - Last Week # 11 (+2) - MVP candidate Placido Benitez is still wearing out pitching staffs, and trying to carry the team to the playoffs.

10. New Orleans Hot Fives -
Current Record 38-36 - Last Week #15 (+5) -

11. Atlanta Hooch -
Current Record 37-37 - Last Week #14 (+3)
Much improved lately, they are still shipping out talent. No matter what they do they always are a tough team.

12. St Louis River Dogs -
Current Record 36-38 - Last Week #8 (-4)
Weak offense, coupled with pitching staff faltering = tumble in the rankings.

13. Charlotte Knights -
Current Record 35-39 - Last Week # 10 (-3)

14. Jacksonville Junk Yard Dogs -
Current Record 32-42 - Last Week #7 (-7)
Our biggest change, falling 7 spots. The starting rotation has been BRUTAL.

15. Trenton Thunder -
Current Record 35-39 - Last Week #12 (-3)
No matter what they do, they just can't seem to wake up the bats.

16. Salem Squirrel Monkeys -
Current Record 13-61 - Last Week #16 (no change)
While they are improved greatly, especially since replacing ownership, they are too far gone to compete for the season. New owner kidsid(some others might know him as bullet6464 from other worlds) will have this team in the hunt next season.

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